Zumiez is a leading specialty clothing & skate shop with a strong focus on customer service. A retailer with a truly strong emphasis on brands, designing for Zumiez was often an exercise in creating a framework for the customer to find the brands and products they were already looking for.

During my time at Zumiez I provided designs for the web, in-store signage, and helped launch the direct-to-consumer catalog business.


Online Outerwear Guide

Concept, Art Direction, Design, Photograpy

Providing the concept, UX design, art direction, and final design for the first online Outerwear Guide for Zumiez, I crafted a photo plan after an internal discussion based around the idea of friends heading out on their snow mobiles to go snowboarding. I scouted locations and planned the shot list. I then provided direction during the shoot to the photographer and at times acted as the 2nd angle photographer.

This online shop-able look book was able to increase Outerwear sell through, private label brand awareness, and brand relevance in the snowboard industry.



Back To School 2013 Style Guide

Concept, Art Direction, Design

For the first test in creating a catalog at Zumiez I helped sell in the concept and then acted as the art director and lead designer. It was the largest cross departmental project undertaken at Zumiez in my time there and kick started the catalog process that continues today.



2013 Back To School Denim Guide

Concept, Art Direction, UX, Visual Design

During the BTS season Zumiez would create and promote a denim fit guide to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. These designs were meant to improve shop-ability from the previous fit guide, upgrade the look and feel, and to establish experiences for the various customers types.



2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Concept, Art Direction, Design

I again was Art Director and Lead Designer on the 2013 Holiday Guide for Zumiez. This time working with the in-store/event marketing team we developed graphical touches that related to the signage that was going to be in-store when this book was released.



Empyre Denim Photo Test

Concept, Art Direction, Design

These assets were created after seeing an need in selling Empyre jeans online through zumiez.com. The jeans were selling well in-store but were not having the same impact online. We felt this was due to a lack in visual representation for Empyre as a brand. Zumiez.com stocked the product but up until this point did not produce any visual assets for any private label brands.

In October of 2011, I initiated a brand exploration with the private label teams to understand the target market and background behind the product development.

I developed a concept and art direction for the needed assets, worked with our in-house photographer, and directed the shoot. After getting the shots we wanted I then built the original ads and then led my team in building out the various sizes needed.

We saw instant success and an impressive increase in sell through online. Even greater we proved to the executive team that branding their private label brands would be worth their investment.



Private Label Visual Branding

Concept, Art Direction, Design

After first demonstrating the need for visually branding Zumiez private label brands with the Empyre denim project, I began to oversee the seasonal creation of branded assets for many of the Zumiez private labels: Empyre, Aperture, Free World, Dravus and others.

Through the creation of these assets Zumiez saw and increase in sell-through and overall private label brand demand online and in-store.