Originally hired on when Tommy Bahama was looking to create a new unified front with their family of brands, I spent more than 2 years designing materials for all aspects of the brand. Everything from being part of the lead team that created a new line of identity pieces, logos, hang tags and labels that re-established the brand to developing digital layouts and email templates that helped improve conversion and consistency.



Concept, Design, Pattern Development



Tommy Bahama Denim Logo


As Tommy Bahama was unifying their sub brands under the single Tommy Bahama umbrella, I developed this logo that was used across a variety of materials and garments.



Tommy Bahama Unification Project

Creative Strategy, Design, Materials Direction

As Tommy Bahama was growing they sought to unify their brands under one umbrella. Previously known as Indigo Palms, this project was to bring all denim fits and washes under the new “Tommy Bahama Denim”. I developed a series/system of hang tags to illustrate the depth of the various fits, styles, and price points while maintaining a consistent look and feel.




Design, Illustration, Pattern Development

For the Holiday season Tommy Bahama would make custom wrapping paper for limited distribution at it’s own stores. I worked with the seasonal themes from the collection to develop the patterns and textures for the paper and cards.



Tommy Bahama Golf Series Logo

Design, Illustration

The Tommy Bahama Golf Series is a charity golf tournament series held each year in venues that support various local charities and the Tommy Bahama lifestyle.

I developed this logo so that the brand could have a unified mark for all the events and support materials.


Flip Flops

Design, Illustration, Concept

In tandem with our footwear licensing team I designed a few flip flops and merchandising ideas for the launch of Tommy Bahama footwear. Utilizing a classic prints I developed a rubberized sandal that would be at the entry level price point for the brand as well as a seasonal flip flop with a custom bag to be sold together.



Various Printed Materials

Design, Illustration, Production

While at Tommy Bahama I worked on various materials for marketing and branding. Mailers, Post Cards, Magazine Advertisments, Pop cards, In-Store signage, Hang Tags, and more.

One of the highlights during this time was the development of the first loyalty campaign for the brand. I developed the letter, gift cards and worked with copy to create the best experience for the customer.

Another highlight was working to develop the first seasonal catalog and seeing the impact it had on business.




Design, Photography

Utilizing new research in email marketing during this time, I developed new layouts, templates, and helped establish the creative direction for Tommy Bahama’s email campaigns. Through the changes made, we were able to significantly raise the performance of the marketing channel.