In 2014 I was hired to be a creative leader at REI to help develop fully integrated campaigns and branded content. Working with cross departmental teams I provided art direction, design, and oversaw the maintenance of creative direction/alignment in execution for print, digital (direct mail, email, social media, mobile app notifications), out-of-home advertising, and retail signage. I also helped improve collaborative processes between creative teams, marketing integration teams, and various program managers.

While working first with the campaign creative team and then the brand lab team, I had the opportunity to lead and learn from a wide variety of partners and programs.


Osprey Brand Video

Concept Development, Art Direction

While developing a video about the new Osprey suspension technology “Anti-Gravity” for the REI Spring 2015 Campaign, I researched the Osprey brand history and became fascinated with their founder Mike Pfotenhauer. As we were discussing the viability of a format change to the Osprey brand page, the content ownership team granted this project a small budget to create a brand video with the amazing REI films team.

I developed the concept, art direction, and worked directly with the REI films team in editing the piece.



REI Members Exclusive Tee Update

Concept Development, Illustration, Design

Available for purchase by member events only, this tee and poster were developed in partnership with the membership team. What was originally a beloved plain type tee, I re-imagined adding hand-drawn illustrations that added personality and soul to the design. The poster and hang tag were nice touch points to reinforce the feel of the “Member Manifesto”.



Let’s Camp Campaign

Concept Development, Art Direction, Design, Illustration

Building upon the past success of previous Let’s Camp campaigns we developed a fully integrated campaign that focused on real REI members that camped in extraordinary ways. The concept statement included this line, “There are casual campers. And then there are the Camp Champions. They always have a plan to make the ordinary extraordinary, and take the camping experience to the next level.”

By showcasing these camp masters we then solicited members to share their extraordinary camping experiences. This campaign was a massive undertaking with great work from all the marketing and media team.



Spring 2015 Campaign

Art Direction, Design

This past spring REI needed a fully integrated campaign centered around a group of products that were launching into the US marketplace with REI. Working with the campaign creative team we developed a theme, “Be The First” that showcased these products and what made them individually unique. I provided Art Direction and Design support to the various production teams for this campaign.

I especially enjoyed developing the product video for the New Osprey packs with the internal media team. After researching the product and company, I pitched the final concept with a beat sheet to REI leadership. The REI films team was able to interview Osprey Founder Mike Pfotenhauer at the Osprey headquarters and develop the amazing product shots highlighting the new anti-gravity technology in the REI studios.

Products included in the complete campaign included Big Agnes mntGLO tents, Ghost brand Bikes, and new Osprey Packs.



Content Creation

Art Direction, Design, Illustration

While working in the brand lab I began to lead a team of creatives that developed content for REI’s owned social channels as well as to support the REI Blog The Co-Op Journal. With amazing photographers, designers, and writers on staff, we were able to create stories, support campaigns, expert advice, and develop creative that inspired, educated, and connected with the REI membership.