These assets were created after seeing an need in selling Empyre jeans online through zumiez.com. The jeans were selling well in-store but were not having the same impact online. We felt this was due to a lack in visual representation for Empyre as a brand. Zumiez.com stocked the product but up until this point did not produce any visual assets for any private label brands.

In October of 2011, I initiated a brand exploration with the private label teams to understand the target market and background behind the product development.

I developed a concept and art direction for the needed assets, worked with our in-house photographer, and directed the shoot. After getting the shots we wanted I then built the original ads and then led my team in building out the various sizes needed.

We saw instant success and an impressive increase in sell through online. Even greater we proved to the executive team that branding their private label brands would be worth their investment.