When I was first hired by evo in 2013 it had been many years since they had looked at a larger evolution of their site design. Within their business they had focused on evolving some site details but stylistically their site was still a product of the early-mid 2000’s. I first developed a site design strategy to utilize as we moved forward with some minor improvements. I then developed a strategy for a site redesign and encouraged senior leadership to look outside the internal team to help evo move forward with new technologies and improvements.

After talking with Zaneray everyone at the company was excited and we began a partnership to better understand the evo brand and what the leadership at evo desired for the site evolution. Working with both the internal and external teams, I lead the efforts on establishing a site style guide and the general look and feel of the new designs. I then lead the creative internal team in creating the initial necessary assets.

Instead of wholesale site redesign, leadership chose to slowly evolve the site over time and design ideas continue to be developed and implemented more than a year after the initial style guide was completed.