In my time at evo, I had a great opportunity leading the creative teams through a variety of programs and campaigns. Everything from developing a new brand-centered print piece that was featured in leading outdoor magazines, a custom painted ski graphic for a collaboration with up-and-coming ski maker ON3P, to digital-only campaigns that drove traffic and conversion for



Brand Focused Print Insert

Design Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design

Evo has historically put out a catalog or brand piece each winter season to encourage sales and to continue to reach out to new customers. In the past they have always focused solely on product. This season I proposed that we utilize the newly conceived “evo Collective” and the updated founding principles of the “Great 8” to showcase the brand along with a visual theme based around encouraging evo customers to go and discover their next great adventure.

The piece is a true representation of the evo brand today. The models used in the interior product shots were all evo employees while each of the founding principles is represented by an evo Collective member that represents it well. The piece was featured in all major ski and snowboard magazines including Powder, Transworld Snowboarding, and Snowboard Mag. I also was part of the team that encouraged evo reaching out to a broader audience seeing the piece get placement in Outdoor Magazine. Redesign

Design Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, & Team Management

When I was first hired by evo in 2013 it had been many years since they had looked at a larger evolution of their site design. Within their business they had focused on evolving some site details but stylistically their site was still a product of the early-mid 2000’s. I first developed a site design strategy to utilize as we moved forward with some minor improvements. I then developed a strategy for a site redesign and encouraged senior leadership to look outside the internal team to help evo move forward with new technologies and improvements.

After talking with Zaneray everyone at the company was excited and we began a partnership to better understand the evo brand and what the leadership at evo desired for the site evolution. Working with both the internal and external teams, I lead the efforts on establishing a site style guide and the general look and feel of the new designs. I then lead the creative internal team in creating the initial necessary assets.

Instead of wholesale site redesign, leadership chose to slowly evolve the site over time and design ideas continue to be developed and implemented more than a year after the initial style guide was completed.


evo X ON3P Collab Ski

Design Strategy, Art Development, Vendor Collaboration

Working with input from the guys at ON3P and the evo family, I painted this graphic for a collab ski that was released in November 2014.



Print Ad Direction

Art Direction, Designs

For Fall 2014/Winter 2015, I developed a style guide and design for all the fall/winter magazines ads for the brand. These ads were featured in Powder and Transworld Snowboarding.



evo Marketing Print Piece

Strategy, Art Direction, Design, Team Management

Needing to develop a piece to educate potential partners on evo’s business, as a way to encourage their participation in joint marketing, I worked with marketing leadership to develop the design strategy that spoke in an honest and clear way. I then lead the design team through from concept to creation. The piece was incredibly successful greatly increasing participation in the program.



Rain Jacket Category Campaign

Art Direction, Design, Illustrations

Wanting to focus on technical shells as the snow season came to an end, we created a campaign around rainwear. The hard part came when on the day of the shoot we had to fake the rain as the sun decided to finally show its beautiful face in Seattle that day. Using various watering tools, I created some fake rain for our models and was then able to digitally create a rain shower over the rest of the backgrounds.



Spring Look-books for

Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Team Management

Wanting to do something bigger and more apparel driven for spring but with a short time line and little budget, I developed the idea of a digital look-book campaign. I quickly put together some mood boards, a shot list and then after capturing the looks with our in-house photo team, we built custom landing pages for the customer to shop from.