I was hired at Brooks to build and develop an internal creative team of world class talent
with a focus on global brand and marketing needs.

Working with a wide variety of cross functional teams, I oversaw and directed creative for: Seasonal marketing campaigns, Go-to-Market tools (workbooks, sales meetings, seasonal photo asset direction and development), Brand and industry events, Retail creative development, and a variety of special projects. I also led our regional teams throughout the world to ensure creative consistency.

Brooks Brand Beliefs Book

My Role: Concept, Creative/Art Direction, Vendor Relations

Working with CEO Jim Weber my team and I built the Brooks brand beliefs book. Crafted to be a tool and guide, the book is a point of reference and inspiration for all Brooks employees around the globe.

Every detail of the book was considered from the paper, to the binding techniques, to the shoe lace book mark. With the words coming from Jim himself, the team was able to bring to life the spirit that is Brooks through design and execution. I provided creative and art direction and worked with the printer to ensure the project came to life as designed. The Team included Designer Matt Larson, Project Management by Ryan Pletzke and copy support by Katherine Robinson. Production of the book was led by Bob Bracht at Color Graphics.

Inspiring Coaches Program

My Role: Strategy, Creative Direction,

After a few years of this program not getting as much love as I thought it should, I worked with with an amazing team including sports marketing manager Steve Dekoker, designer/photographer Matt Larson, and Videographer Paul Lebel to develop a new content strategy and an update to the existing event to celebrate and honor the selected Coaches.

We started with 2 Inspiring track coaches in spring of 2017 and then continued with another 2 Inspiring cross country coaches in the fall of 2018. It has been awesome to see the recognition of the program as it follows our plan and especially the celebration of these inspiring people and their stories.

Neville Anderson

Gwen Robertson

Denise Benson

Mark Anderson

Voices Of The Run

My Role: Concept, Illustration

Working with Brooks PR and blog team, I developed a concept to best represent the runners featured in the Voices of the Run blog series. I then illustrated a portrait for each individual and developed banners and digital collateral to market each story.


Various Events

My Role: Strategy, Creative Direction, Design

Each year Brooks held various Sales Meetings and Events. My team was responsible for bringing these events to life with experiential strategy, design, and graphic support. Each event started with a site walk through and documentation to understand attendee flow, sight lines, and gather any other information we would need to build the best experience possible. If that meant we needed an 8 foot tall by 38 foot Run Happy in front of the window…we made it happen.

No event was handled solo with various team configurations comprising of designers Matt Larson, Sarah Slegh, Magda Mucha, Dianne Vallier, Erin Moeur, and Johnny Hubbard. Production and project support came from Chris Ritter, Amy Meredith, Dylan Kahler, and Ryan Pletzke.