Case Studies

Tommy Bahama
Blue Moon Burgers


I like how fast the web changes. How it forces me to challenge myself and learn new technologies. Though I started out with a focus on on designing for print, these days I find myself designing more and more for the web.

Logos and Identity

Getting in at the ground floor of building a brand is so exciting. I relish working with start-ups and excited individuals as they seek out to define what their brand culture is and how they can best represent that in a logo or wordmark.


I’ve been a drawing since before I can remember. I still doodle, sketch, and draw but now I have a few digital tools along with my kids crayon set. I enjoy the process of creating strong and expressive imagery.


I’ve always enjoyed designing things you can actually hold in your hands. The texture of the paper, the smell of the ink, the experience is so immediate. From concept to the final sign off, I love making sure the details are just right.


I started designing clothes after not finding things that were right for me. First were some custom t-shirt patterns, then hoodies, jeans, and then I fell in love with designing technical outerwear. Today I can do everything from a simple product sketch to overseeing production in a far off land. I create my own tech packs, patterns, and often sew my first samples.

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